Our Policy

Our policy has four cornerstones: Resources, Environment, People and Customers.

  • Our Resources
    Our Resources

    Fish stocks are sustainable managed through quotas and licensing. The outlook for resources in the Barents Sea is very good, especially for cod and haddock. Our policy is based on sustainable harvesting.

  • Our Environment
    Our Environment

    Our policy is to respect the environment through harvesting according to sound practise, minimising nox-emissions and utilising 100% of the fish.

  • Our People
    Our People

    Our people are trained and skilled in all aspects of catching, processing, inspection and marketing, ensuring a constant and reliable quality of fish products.

  • Our Customers
    Our Customers

    Our customers are our number one priority. Therefore, Ramoen operates in the clean Arctic fishing grounds, processing and freezing the fish on board within six hours to capture the Arctic freshness. To ensure transparency, all fish is traceable.

    With modern technology and close contact to market, our knowledge and expertise enables us to produce in accordance with customer needs and follow changes in market trends.