• Fresh frozen at sea. Optimising the taste.

    Fresh frozen at sea. Optimising the taste.
  • F/T Ramoen
    F/T Ramoen

    Our new factory trawler is 75.1 meters, designed by Rolls Royce Marine Aalesund and is a modern environmental friendly vessel combining diesel and electric propulsion.


  • Join the Ramoen team
    Join the Ramoen team

    We are always looking for people who want to join us in the effort of fishing and processing fish. Is it you?


  • Pioneers since 1914
    Pioneers since 1914

    The name Ramoen comes from a mountain at Vartdal close to Aalesund. Local fishermen used this mountain as a sighting point when navigating ashore from the fishing grounds. The name also expressed our goal; to be a fishing company leading and inspiring others. We have always been a forerunner in the development of deep-sea fishing in the North Atlantic.