• The method that captures the taste

    Freezing fish within hours after it is caught is a way of capturing both taste and Arctic freshness. For this reason our goal is to freeze the fish within six hours after it is taken on board. Read more about our method below.

    The method that captures the taste

Premium Quality, step by step

  • 1. Fishery
    1. Fishery

    The fishing resources in the Barents Sea are in excellent condition, sustainably managed based on scientific recommendations. This will enable us to provide your favourite fish for many years to come. Our vessel´s production routines are in accordance with the HACCP system and approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The cold and clean waters ensure the high quality of our product. Due to extreme low temperatures, the fish grow slowly, giving the meat a firm texture and good taste.

  • 2. Catching
    2. Catching

    Our skippers have many years of experience and a long tradition in finding the best catching areas. Our vessel is equipped with the most modern fish-finding and harvesting equipment in order to avoid by-catch or netting small fish. This enables further growth and ensures future harvesting. Our catching methods ensure fish products of the highest quality by using the world´s most modern and state of the art equipment.

  • 3. Processing
    3. Processing

    The fish is taken on-board and handled immediately by our highly skilled and experienced staff. A tailor-made processing line ensures whiteness and freshness. Quality is optimised by filleting the fish before the biological rigor-mortis process begins. Fillets produced in this way are defined as “pre-rigor fillets “. This process gives a consistent white flesh colour, firmer texture and better meat quality.

  • 4. Packing
    4. Packing

    Within a short time after harvesting and processing, the pre-rigor fillets are quickly packed in our boxes under the RAMOEN brand name. Each box is proudly and personally signed by the person who packed it.

  • 5. Fresh frozen at sea
    5. Fresh frozen at sea

    Our fillets are processed and frozen on-board within six hours after catching. The fillets are quickly frozen to temperatures below -20°C to preserve the freshly caught quality. This frozen-at-sea process "locks in the Arctic freshness" and guarantee you a quality product.

  • 6. Quality - served on your plate
    6. Quality - served on your plate

    Each RAMOEN box is labelled with detailed information about the enclosed product. Traceability from fishing ground to marketplace is crucial to secure the high standard of quality demanded by our customers. We take pride in serving you our freshly frozen quality products, harvested directly from the wild ocean - A quality you can taste.

The method that captures the taste