Ramoen's fillets are eco-friendly

In a study conducted by the Norwegian Research, Sintef, in cooperation with Ramoen AS the Carbon Footprit for cod fillets caught and processed aboard the factory trawler "Ramoen" has been documented. The results are compared with data from Sintef's 2020 report "Greenhouse gas emissions of Norwegian seafood products in 2017".

The main findings for frozen fillets delivered Grimsby/Paris are as follows:

                                                        Kg CO2/kg cod fillets

Ramoen :                                                    1,43 

Norwegian cod fillets:                                 1,84 

Norwegian cod fillets via China:                 2,50

Salmon fillets :                                            8,40

The datas confirm that "Ramoen"'s production is fuel efficient utilizing modern technology with the same crew both catching, processing and freezing the cod at sea with superior quality. The fact that 100% of the fish is utilized for human production - with no waste - is part of the success story.

Compared with other food products, cod fillets stand out as one of the most environmental friendly food products in the marketplace.

Compared to European beef emissons are as follows:

European pork                  31%

European poultry              16%

Salmon                             18%

Cod fillets                           4 %

Ramoen AS and its crew is proud of being able to deliver such an eco friendly and green product to our customers.




Ramoen trip 1/21

Ramoen trip 1/21

Beautiful northern lights at the Barents see. 


Ramoen catching redfish

Ramoen rødfisk


Ramoen has just finished trip 4/20 which was mainly redfish. Next trip will be catching both redfish and shrimp.