"Ramoen" stopped fishing 4th December after 305 days at sea this year, hereof 65 days on shrimp fishing. The crew has now a well deserved Christmas holiday.

Most of the quotas are caught, except a small quantity of the haddock quota and the saithe quota in the North Sea. The haddock quota was increased during the autumn, but it was difficult to catch all due to limited availability.

In 2008 "Ramoen" made two trips on shrimp, the catch result was positive. The vessel proved to be fuel efficient also on shrimp fishing.

High prices on cod- and haddock fillets contributed to the good results. The price of saithe fillets has been relatively low this year, but we see now a strengthening in the market. The shrimp price was acceptable, but there are uncertainty regarding shrimp prices for next year.

The fillet factory is now working fine and the production of boneless is gradually increasing. The meal and oil factory has worked perfect from day one and Ramoen continued the production of high quality fish meal and fish oil.

The oulook for 2019 is mixed. There is reduction on the quotas of cod, haddock and saithe, most for haddock. The redfish quota will be increased.

We wish our customers and suppliers all the best for the New Year.

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