Positive results the first whole year of operation for the new "Ramoen"

It has been an interesting year both for the crew and the owners, most of it is positive.

The vessel has proved to have good seakeeping conditions and very "eco-friendly" (low fuel comsumption per kilogram fished) the vessel utilises 100% of the fish, first and foremost as fillets, the rest is produced as fish meal and fish oil.

However, with a new vessel it takes time to do the necessary adjustments, and we still do not have the production capacity on the fillet factory which we aimed at. Further adjustments will be done before the vessel start trip 1/18. Because of this we have not had much time to produce boneless fillets.This will have high priority next year.

For the crew it has been a steep learning curve, this even though most of them has been on the former "Ramoen", but very much is different on the new vessel. The crew has done a very good job, and they now deserve a Christmas and New Years holiday.

We will in January next year inform about the 2018 quotas and our preliminary fishing plan.

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