F/T Ramoen

Our factory trawler is a 75,1 meters vessel, designed by Rolls Royce Marine Aalesund. It is a modern environmental friendly vessel combining diesel and electric propulsion. The fillet factory on board utilizes 100% of the fish through fishmeal and fish oil production.

F/T RAMOEN produces according to HACCP and the on board Quality Control systems.

  • Tailor-made processing line ensures whiteness and freshness
  • The Valka x-ray cutting machine delivers tightly graded boneless fillets, loins and portions. The first Valka installed at sea.(Link: valka.is)
  • No-waste – utilising 100 % of the fish processed to fillets, fishmeal and fish oil.
  • Eco-friendly, fuel-efficient and diesel electric propulsion with minimal Nox- emissions.
  • Equipped with dropkeel and laboratories to carry out Marine Researc (Link: imr.no)

Registration number: M-1-VD
Call signal: LDNV
Production number: M 36
Classification: Det Norske Veritas + 1A1, lce 1A*
Type of vessel: Factory Trawler
Shipyard: Astillero Armon Gijon, Spain
Year of deliver: 2016

Overall length: 75,1 m
Breadth: 16,0 m
Gross tonnage: 4.000

Cargo freezing hold: 1.200 m3
Fish meal hold: 450 m3
Fuel oil: 599 m3

Main Engine: 3.600 kW / 750 rpm, Bergen B33:45 6L
PTI power electric: 1.200 kW / 0-1200 rpm
Max propeller power: 4.600 kW (boost mode)

Hybrid shaft generator: 2.750 kVA
Aux 1 diesel generator: 1.875 kVA Caterpillar
Aux 2 diesel generator: 688 kVA Caterpillar

Trawl winches: 3 x 50 mt, hydraulic Brattvaag.
Net drum: 1 x 48 mt, 20 m3
Deck cranes: 1 x 4 mt, 1 x 3 mt, 1 x 2,5 mt, Triplex.

Compressors: Teknotherm
Plate freezers: 2 horizontal freezers, 4 vertical freezers, DSI
Production/freezing capacity: 50 mt/day

Heading Machines: 3 x Breivik 424 SS
Filleting Machines: 3 x Baader 190
Skinning Machines: 3 x Baader 52
Portions/Boneless production: Valka X-ray cuttig Machine
Graders: 2 x hg graders and 1 x fillet grader, Marelec
Shrimp production line
Holmek palleting system